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CS DCIM Clients

DCIM CS , Increasing R.O.I of the Data Center.




Configurable Data


With the user-customization and extensibility available in Cormant-CS, configuring the exact data elements an organization requires, then importing and consolidating multiple sources of existing information is simple and easy to accomplish. Imported information may include asset, location, power, thermal, ownership, support, connectivity, plan, rack, historical or configuration data. The ability to configure the data managed is critical.  If a DCIM solution is to be successful it must capture all required information and ongoing changes within the data center environment.


Infrastructure Queries


Pure physical layer information is not good enough for complete DCIM management. Cormant-CS supports automatic environmental and infrastructure data capture and storage from equipment such as UPS systems, rack power rails, BMS systems, servers and switches. Cormant-CS supports flexible querying using SNMP, WMI, Web services, command line or serial communication.




Cormant-CS's structural  DCIM DNA is that data must be accessible via mobile devices otherwise it will not be updated. Mobile data access means CS can be used and updated anywhere as change occurs. The Cormant-CS mobile solutions are capable of displaying, updating and creating all data records in real-time. Complete support for equipment identification using bar-codes or RFID scanning are included.




Information can be displayed in real-time via configurable dashboard views to keep users abreast of change. In addition, data center floor plan and rack elevation views are available. All data for historical reporting is securely stored in a separate database making it easier to manage and archive. Using an integrated report writer, once a report is produced it can be exported, e-mailed, or used on a dashboard.


Cost Reduction


With the power bill of some data centers reaching the cost of the very assets they are powering, the need to improve how power is used is critical.  Cormant-CS is able to track and identify inefficient or underutilized assets anywhere in the infrastructure.  Cormant-CS can even show stranded power or out of tolerance cooling.  Along with the ability to automatically calculate data center metrics, Cormant-CS can boost efficiencies of a data center by 10% to 30%.




A fully read/write Web services API supports interfacing to and from any other external system extending the benefits of Cormant-CS is capable of within the enterprise.




By providing the combination of a configurable single source of data, unmatched mobile data updates, strong work-flow and intuitive user-interfaces, facilities and IT teams are able to view accurate, up-to-date data. Trusted data means users rely on the information as a single source of truth for future deployment and capacity planning.




The Cormant-CS DCIM Suite provides a complete DCIM solution at an unrivaled price point. Cormant-CS is supported by our excellent 24 x 7 support program.  In essence you have both developers Cormant and Advance Mobile Software Solutions available in the event technological assistance is required.




Advance Mobile Software Solutions, Inc is a part of the global Eco-system of staff and partners representing Cormant-CS to help customers best decide how to implement their purchased DCIM solution and be successful in creating efficient processes around it.    See our At A Glance info.


Advance Mobile Software Solutions believes Enterprise DCIM Success = DCIM Solution + Process + Maturity.




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