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CS DCIM Clients

About CS (Formerly CableSolve)


What is Cormant-CS?

Does Cormant-CS scale to support large/global enterprises?

What types of customers benefit from Cormant-CS?

How is Cormant-CS different from other infrastructure management systems available?

I know there are solutions out there from vendors that also supply hardware. Are you tied to a specific


Isn’t DCIM just about Power?

Why do you use barcodes and RFID identification?

Is there any hardware that I have to install in my facilities to use Cormant-CS?

What about power calculations, what can Cormant-CS do?


Cormant-CS Mobility/Portability


What mobility/portability do you offer?

Why is mobility/portability so critical to infrastructure management?

Can you tell me more about the off line Cormant-CS mobile application?


Managing the Infrastructure


What’s wrong with my spreadsheets? Why are they not enough?

I have an existing site I’d like to get under control, can Cormant-CS help?

How does Cormant-CS helps manage a data center?

I have a large enterprise user base. How will Cormant-CS help me manage those users?

How is Cormant-CS going to help in a campus environment?

Nothing stands alone anymore. What API interfaces does Cormant-CS have?

I need to manage my power and data infrastructure, my assets; the ability to auto-query/discover devices, create and manage work-orders, see historical data and monitor in real-time. Which of those can Cormant-CS help with?

I want to define what data elements I store about my infrastructure. Does Cormant-CS let me?

Does Cormant-CS limit what infrastructure I can manage?

I see you mention connectivity management. Why do I need to manage that?

What graphical views does Cormant-CS offer?

Can Cormant-CS detect changes in network connectivity automatically?

Is Cormant-CS capable of audits?

I need to see detailed historical data to assist in planning the future. Is this offered?

Can Cormant-CS interface with networked power strips and other monitoring systems?

What reporting does Cormant-CS offer?




How is Cormant-CS priced?

What services are offered for Cormant-CS?

Is there training available?

I’ve heard that implementing an IT Infrastructure Management solution can be expensive. Is that true of 




If I want to extend Cormant-CS can I?

What are the technical requirements for deploying Cormant-CS?

Are the off-line mobile devices Cormant-CS supports proprietary?


Installation and Support


Is there a support plan for Cormant-CS?

What support desk access does Cormant-CS offer?

What other support tools does Cormant-CS offer?

Will there be downtime when Cormant-CS is being installed?

Do I have to put barcodes on everything to make Cormant-CS work?

Is Cormant-CS actively developed and improved?

I want a trial, how can I get that?

Can I configure Cormant-CS myself? Do I have to have help from anyone?


About Advance Mobile Software Solutions and our Customers


Can you list some sample customers?

Cormant-CS DCIM FAQ's

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