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CS DCIM Clients

Cormant-CS (formerly CableSolve) Overview

Cormant-CS (formerly CableSolve) from Cormant has been delivering Infrastructure Management (IM) solutions to data centers (DCIM), campus and enterprise IT environments world-wide since 2003. The Cormant-CS IM suite solves the problem of infrastructure management through the use of a complete technology solution that includes Network, Client, Web and Mobile components.



The Solution


Infrastructure Management


Cormant-CS is recognized as one of the leading DCIM solutions world-wide. However, Cormant-CS is also the leading Infrastructure Management (IM) solution for management of office and campus environments. With Cormant-CS it is possible to consolidate all information necessary to manage the IT infrastructure – wherever and whatever it is.




Cormant-CS’s customers include global banks, financial institutions, multi-national commercial customers, governments, universities, hospitals and the military. In fact, any large user of IT will benefit from Cormant-CS’s infrastructure management.




We recognize the global requirement for Infrastructure Management. To support this Advance Mobile Software Solutions and Cormant have offices or partners on six continents to work with customers wherever required.


IM Success


At Advance Mobile Software Solutions we believe that infrastructure management success is more than just software. We believe the equation is IM Solution + Process + Maturity = Enterprise IM Success. We have the staff and are a trained partner who that is capable of supply customers a full range of components including software, training, process consulting, implementation and auditing services. All of our strengths are designed to get customers up and running as soon as possible and keep the IM solution running smoothly for years to come.




An important factor when choosing any IM solution should be the total cost of implementation. Cormant-CS is delivered at an unrivaled price point. With over 8 years of experience the Cormant-CS implementation process has been honed to use a combination of imports, mobile audits, and discovery to provide the lowest implementation cost in the industry. Cormant-CS requires no changes to your current physical infrastructure and works with existing installations regardless of vendor.


The Product


Information Consolidation


The Cormant-CS suite is highly configurable, allowing users to create any data attributes required to provide a uniquely customized view of the enterprise IT infrastructure environment. Configurability provides ‘just enough’ management; that is, tracking only what is important to your organization. Customization also means that all current IT infrastructure data can be imported, whatever the source.




Cormant-CS uses configurable, network and environmental discovery and historical data to provide complete visibility of the infrastructure. The holistic view of the IT infrastructure Cormant-CS provides means better, faster and more accurate decisions when planning or making change. Cormant-CS supports multiple locations from a single instance providing a global view of the enterprise.


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