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John Stanley, Senior Analyst – Data Center Technologies and Eco-Efficient IT at 451 Research, recently reviewed Cormant’s DCIM solution, taking notice of industry leading mobility, configurability and value.


San Luis Obispo, Calif., USA. – November 27, 2012 – Cormant Inc., a software development company specializing in data center and IT infrastructure management solutions (DCIM), announced today that 451 Research’s Senior Analyst of Data Center Technologies and Eco-Efficient IT, John Stanley, recently released his review of their DCIM solution, Cormant-CS (formerly known as CableSolve) entitled “Cormant Hopes To Mobilize Its Users With DCIM Suite.”


In the report, Stanley singles out three key differentiators of the Cormant-CS DCIM solution: mobility, configurability, and value. Stanley claims that the various mobile options of Cormant-CS (ruggedized Pocket PCs equipped with barcode or RFID scanners; apps for Blackberry, Android and iPhone devices; and a responsively designed web app for use with tablets) give users the ability to review and update data about their IT infrastructure as they work with assets, infrastructure and connectivity, without having to return to their desks to query and update records, eliminating possibilities for data-entry errors or, worse yet, forgotten and missed updates. He further recognizes the configurability of Cormant-CS as a key differentiator, noting that Cormant-CS goes beyond industry standard configurability with an open scripting module allowing users to perform complex network queries or calculations. Stanley concludes that the Cormant-CS simple, per-asset pricing model may be attractive to users.


Regarding the DCIM industry and the strengths of a solution like Cormant-CS, Stanley states, “Data Center operators need to make the most of their expensive power and cooling capacity, and effective IT asset management is critical to capacity planning. DCIM software gives data center operators a powerful way to track their assets, far exceeding what they could accomplish with simple spreadsheets.


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Published Links 451Research/AnalystReport/prweb10182471.htm



451 Research Reports Cormant’s DCIM Solution Leads With Mobility, Configurability and Value!



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