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Solutions in the news.

  • CS

    Here we are featuring new development or enhanced features to existing applications within our portfolio.


    CS  features exciting HTML Documentation and other exciting features for the DCIM environments and more.


    CS is a powerful and feature rich mobile Data Center or Infrastructure Management Asset for your business environment.  The features in this application allow you to accomplish the most difficult of task in a matter of minutes.  It's 100% scalable which enables accurate reporting and a reduction in excel documents as all your data comes from a centralized location.

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  • Sales Xpress

    Designed specifically to help manufactures mobilize their sales force and inventory management process.


    Sales Xpress offers an array of features that truly enable full integration of both your field sales force and your warehouse inventory.  This solution enables you to reduce advertising cost for print media enabling you to focus those funds and your resources on other areas.  It's gives you real-time information and accurate reporting from one data source.


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  • Vendor Xpress

    Another powerful feature rich solution from the Xpress suite designed specifically for vendors who sell to customers in a retail environment.


    Vendor Xpress is a powerful business tool that lets you integrate your Point-of-Sale needs with your inventory management requirements. You gain valuable knowledge  of what your actual numbers truly are.


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    AIRTIME-MANAGER  Designed with fee for service professional (lawyers, CPA's and others) in mind.


    This solution enables real-time capturing and integration of your key data.  Emails, phone calls, meetings and more captured right from your mobile devices. No more writing on the back of business cards or napkins.  Accurate, real-time, on the go tracking that translate into no lost time and less time recording it.  You spend more time on real billable issues.  This solutions integrates with existing mobile

    capturing regardless if they are in or out of the office.  Every call and email read is captured and reflected in your billing platform.


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  • RFID

    Today RFID exists in our phones, laptops, cars, credit cards, work badges, drivers licenses and much more. There are a variety of ways this technology is used and some functionalities are even helping to save lives.

    Many organizations and customers have implemented RFID into their IT and business environments. The implementations have helped improve companies abilities to asset manage, implement proximal marketing (the ability to market to a specific audience as that audience enters a specific zone) strategies, improve security, improve safety measures for personnel and more. RFID is a great creative and dependable technology that we can help you decide if it is right for you.


    Our suite of mobile applications can adapt to all RFID technologies and resources available today. Have our consultants show you how. See our solutions.

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L.C. Thomas, CEO


L.C. founded AMSSINC to provide business with an effective, flexible, durable, scalable mobile alternative.


Today we are positioned to grow exponentially as a technology solutions provider and the new role of developer.  As a developer we are working to become an industry leader in RFID with a core focus on maritime tracking over open water.



L.C. Studied at the University Of Maryland  College Park, Maryland where  he played football 1986 -1989. American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts. 1990-1991. 1992 .


His degree focus was as a dual major of Biochemistry and Kinesiology with a concentration on neurological studies and minors in business administration and finances.


Ada C#, C+, C++, Java, Perl, ASP, .NET, .NET Framework XLST, HTML, HTML5.  He has other software and device certifications.


LC is a Board Member of  Stratford Schools Parent Committee,  Has coached High School Football and Women's Field Hockey and was instrumental in producing first ever winning seasons for both programs.


L.C. Thomas

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


L.C.  founded AMSSINC in 2004  with a mission to help businesses achieve greater flexibility while increasing the strength of their business models through the use Mobile Enterprise Business Solutions.


Prior to starting AMSSINC, L.C. worked in health care for just under a decade before switching to the telecommunications industry.  While working for Humana Group Health Plan and Kiaser Permanente  he proved an invaluable asset and was instrumental in helping both companies improve market share in the Medicare Health Maintenance Organization sector.  He witnessed first hand the issues surrounding real-time knowledge and the inaccuracies that even the most thorough of humans can be unknowingly be responsible for and the cost associated with it.


He later switched careers and began focusing on the technical side of business from a network perspective.  1996 he began working for PageNet Inc and was instrumental in strengthening the development of commercial and business to business sales.


He later worked for Cingular Wireless where his passion for software and the entire mobile platform began.  In the Corporate office as the Regional Sales Manager handling  multi million dollar accounts and was responsible for their growth. It was here that he began to understand that RFID a rising yet infancies technology was positioning to become a force.  With his industry knowledge growing he began to see the impact mobile technology might play in a variety of business environments.


In 2001, he began employment in Australia as the Regional Sales Director for Warp Systems, a Master Distributor handling the Asia Pacific Region for Symbol Technologies' ruggedized mobile handhelds and scanners.  He was instrumental in helping software developers better understand the climate of mobility, while fortifying Warps channel.

It was in Australia that he really began to understand the supply chain challenges  and  logistical challenges facing commerce and economic structures.


With the help of two very close Australians Peter De Bruin , Founder of Ausdome Pty Ltd and Sandro Hogan, the companies Chief Technical Officer he began to lay the foundation for what is the mission and backbone of AMSSINC.


Today L.C. is playing a key role in guiding the company through very tough global economic times.  He has positioned the company as a formidable competitor as we offer a very diverse product line.


In 2007, he began transitioning the companies identity from that of a technology solutions provider only to include developer.  With his over 12 years experience and background in Mobile and RFID development L.C. is positioning the company to be a force in the RFID Maritime space.

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