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San Jose, CA, USA. – March 29, 2012 – Advance Mobile Software Solutions, Inc announces today that Cormant Inc., , has announced that its CableSolve solution has been selected by India-based by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) to document, manage and monitor the physical connectivity layer IT infrastructure.


“One of the major problems facing IT managers is simply that they don’t have a single view of their IT infrastructure and related connectivity, leading to unnecessary work, additional capital expenditure, excess power consumption and business compliance issues,” said Paul Goodison, CEO at Cormant. “CableSolve enables information convergence of the physical and virtual environments, providing complete visibility into the enterprise IT infrastructure, arming IT managers with trusted information to manage complex environments and ensure accurate, cost-effective change.”


CableSolve provides a holistic approach to the documentation and management of data center assets, power, connectivity and space making it the most trusted, configurable, flexible and portable data center infrastructure management solution available. CableSolve provides complete visibility into the physical layer, including all assets and connectivity along with live logical layer data from SNMP and WMI devices. Additionally, with CableSolve’s portable handheld management module, IT managers are able to move, change, track and audit the entire IT infrastructure, including the assets and connectivity, using a pocket PC handheld device, tablet or smart-phone.


About Advance Mobile Software Solutions, Inc. and Cormant, Inc.


Cormant Inc. is an information, communication and technology infrastructure management company engaged in the development and marketing of advanced infrastructure management software systems. Advance Mobile Software Solutions, Inc., is a mobile applications developer and systems integrator engaging in the marketing of advanced tracking and infrastructure management software solutions utilizing mobility and RFID. Both corporations are focused on providing the best infrastructure and connectivity management solution to serve the needs of medium to very large enterprise businesses, spanning all industries across the globe. Key customers of Cormant include multi-nationals from the banking, consulting, IT, travel, hotel, government, manufacturing, health and telecommunications industries.


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Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Selects CableSolve for Data Center Infrastructure Management Needs!

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