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CS DCIM Clients

Advance Mobile Software Solutions, Inc DCIM Consulting Services



Training Services


Advance Mobile Software Solutions, Inc.'s., experts are fully qualified to deliver the entire range of CS training courses. We offer standard and customized training options for customers.


The standard courses offered are:


User Training


A one day course targeted at staff using Cormant-CS on a daily basis as part of their job.

Implementation and Administration course. These courses are often delivered together, but can be split.

Implementation training is best taken before decisions are taken on how to implement and populate the
    Cormant-CS database.


Experience tells us that companies who take the implementation training before decisions are made, as to what and how to populate Cormant-CS, maximize their use of Cormant-CS from day one without potential costly re-work and data addition later.


Administration training can be taken with the implementation training and/or trained after the system has       
    been implemented by you and your Cormant-CS solutions partner.

API & Scripting training. This is an advanced technical course for staff knowledgeable in C# and VB.Net.
    This unlocks the power of the in-built scripting of Cormant-CS. It covers internal scripting and external
    read/write SNMP/WMI scripting, as well as the web services API.

Implementation Specialist training. A course designed for partners who will be implementing Cormant-CS in
    multiple customers and potentially training customers.

All courses except the User training, include a multiple choice exam and certification, if a passing grade is

Any of the above courses can be customized for individual customers, please contact Advance Mobile
    Software Solution.


Cormant-CS Deployment Planning Services


We offer practical and relevant solutions to the deployment of Cormant-CS, based on years of experience in managing Cormant-CS deployment projects, and working with customers and partner who have deployed Cormant-CS. If Advance mobile Software Solutions or Cormant are involved in the deployment planning process, we will construct a package customized to your needs that usually consists of;


Appropriate Cormant-CS Training

Running a workshop to determine how the use of Cormant-CS is planned, what information is to be stored
    in Cormant-CS, how to capture that information, and planning the post implementation process.

The output of the workshop would be a complete implementation plan with time-line and resources as well
    as a documented post implementation use process for Cormant-CS.

Monitoring and directing the staff performing the deployment whether they are Advance Mobile Software
    Solutions, Cormant or customer staff.

Running a post implementation workshop to ensure that the planned post implementation process is being
    followed, and if not, recommend corrective action and optionally, implement the corrections during
   Cormant-CS deployments.


Advance Mobile Software Solutions as a solutions provider of the Cormant-CS product provides a complete deployment service, from configuration and overall project management, along with the data capture and physical implementation required. Cormant, as the developer, assist on the configuration part of the project to ensure everything transitions smoothly. This usually helps us create deployment procedures and guidelines, monitor project performance, and prepare risk mitigation plans. We apply tested skills, tools and techniques to oversee and control projects till completion.


System Auditing


We can offer auditing services for existing physical IT processes and recommend improvements. We start by testing existing work practice against current documents such as operating procedures, work instructions, training manuals, etc. and benchmark the work-practices against industry standards. We then document how the current work practice and current documented processes could be improved with the use of Cormant-CS, with the goal to improve infrastructure reliability and business efficiency.



If you need information or a walk-through on certain features of Cormant-CS (formerly CableSolve), please send an email to our CS DCIM help-desk by clicking this link and requesting a webex session with us.

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