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Solutions in the news.

  • CS

    Here we are featuring new development or enhanced features to existing applications within our portfolio.


    CS  features exciting HTML Documentation and other exciting features for the DCIM environments and more.


    CS is a powerful and feature rich mobile Data Center or Infrastructure Management Asset for your business environment.  The features in this application allow you to accomplish the most difficult of task in a matter of minutes.  It's 100% scalable which enables accurate reporting and a reduction in excel documents as all your data comes from a centralized location.

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  • Sales Xpress

    Designed specifically to help manufactures mobilize their sales force and inventory management process.


    Sales Xpress offers an array of features that truly enable full integration of both your field sales force and your warehouse inventory.  This solution enables you to reduce advertising cost for print media enabling you to focus those funds and your resources on other areas.  It's gives you real-time information and accurate reporting from one data source.


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  • Vendor Xpress

    Another powerful feature rich solution from the Xpress suite designed specifically for vendors who sell to customers in a retail environment.


    Vendor Xpress is a powerful business tool that lets you integrate your Point-of-Sale needs with your inventory management requirements. You gain valuable knowledge  of what your actual numbers truly are.


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    AIRTIME-MANAGER  Designed with fee for service professional (lawyers, CPA's and others) in mind.


    This solution enables real-time capturing and integration of your key data.  Emails, phone calls, meetings and more captured right from your mobile devices. No more writing on the back of business cards or napkins.  Accurate, real-time, on the go tracking that translate into no lost time and less time recording it.  You spend more time on real billable issues.  This solutions integrates with existing mobile

    capturing regardless if they are in or out of the office.  Every call and email read is captured and reflected in your billing platform.


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  • RFID

    Today RFID exists in our phones, laptops, cars, credit cards, work badges, drivers licenses and much more. There are a variety of ways this technology is used and some functionalities are even helping to save lives.

    Many organizations and customers have implemented RFID into their IT and business environments. The implementations have helped improve companies abilities to asset manage, implement proximal marketing (the ability to market to a specific audience as that audience enters a specific zone) strategies, improve security, improve safety measures for personnel and more. RFID is a great creative and dependable technology that we can help you decide if it is right for you.


    Our suite of mobile applications can adapt to all RFID technologies and resources available today. Have our consultants show you how. See our solutions.

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No matter what your business size or type we help you build flexibility and resiliency within your supply chain. Giving you the ability to seamlessly execute and improve collaboration with every part of your business from production line to warehouse to vendor all on a daily basis and in real-time.  We help you bring speed and predictability to your supply chain while giving you insight into ordering trends translating to accurate field information.  You can integrate current and future demand projections with financial demands in real-time.  Manage product promotions more effectively and efficiently even when they are deemed unexpected or unannounced.


salesXpress is a mobile supply chain management (SCM) with a built in point-of-sale (POS) application that allows you to achieve true mobility and real-time communication.  It was originally called scanXpress in Australia.  Here in the United States market a decision was made to change the name to salesXpress to best describe the true nature of the product, its features and to showcase its diversity across multiple business types within the wholesale/manufacturing industry.  These are just a few of the features salesXpress offers.


In the field this powerful productivity tool is an invaluable asset to a sales team and management.  It affords the user to see and


Plan future sales and understand current sales forecast in real-time

He/she can see a vendors history and recognize trends

Compile orders electronically anywhere, anytime whilst  on-the-road with a customer.

Management can see and few changes as they occur and make the necessary changes.

Point-of-Sale data is integrated seamlessly into the demand management tool.

Marketing promotions are made available even if they neglect notifying all departments.


SalesXpress is giving our clients that competitive edge, professionalism and growth their business is searching for.  It affords the following and much more.


Respond quickly to changes in demand and supply

Accurately determine delivery dates

Leverage performance and analytics in real-time.

Optimize inventory & resources

Perform in the field transactions

Recognize trends in demand faster


Originally salesXpress was designed to function on a rugged mobile handheld device and a desktop.  Today salesXpress is integrated to operate in a variety of mobile environments. For durability and longevity we recommend handheld devices be rugged or the use of Otter Box technology.


PalmOS ® devices (Palm was bought by Hewlett Packard (HP)
    and the operating system is now WebOS)

Windows Mobile ®

Apple iPad® Family (iPad 1,2,3,4 & iPad Mini)


This reduces the need for print media such as catalogs and pamphlets and the need for you carrying a laptop. No more waiting to return the office and dock for updates and changes to be addressed.


With salesXpress, "The words "in real-time" mean just that with us.  We are a true mobile solution enabling businesses of various sizes to achieve optimal results.  Regardless if you are a mom and pop operation or a global giant.  salesXpress a truly mobile solution can help you improve your business model and bring you safely into the mobile age with no headaches.


salesXpress is the ideal application for manufacturers of various business types from retail, fashion to beverage such as the wine industry.

















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